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For more information: AAUW Fact Sheets and Position Papers on Affirmative Action, Athletics, Education, Managed Care Reform, Reproductive Rights, and Social Security Reform.

The AAUW Quick Facts on Sexual Violence

Campus Safety Website: Find out what the crime stats are on a campus.

AAUW Title IX Resources:

My Word (and welcome to it): Responding to Title IX Rollbacks by the DeVos Department of Education (Oct. 1, 2017)

North Country Matters: SUNY Canton Wellness Programs - SUNY Canton is implementing the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training to make additional strides toward a safer campus. Farren Lobdell, the Health Educator/Wellness Coordinator, and Amanda Rowley, the Title IX Coordinator, at SUNY Canton, discuss the Health and Wellness programs at the college and how these programs are improving the campus climate for all students with NCM host Donna Seymour. (Sept. 21, 2016)

Lady Gaga Releases Video on Campus Sex Assault - Lady Gaga has released a new song and video, "Til It Happens to You," on campus sexual assaults. The video depicts assaults and their impacts on the assaulted.

PowHer Plays: 2015 NYS Sexual Assault on Campus Legislation - In 2015 New York State passed a series of women's equality laws that will effect the lives of all NYS women. This video focuses on the Sexual Assault on Campus Legislation, S.5965 (LaValle)/A.8244 (Glick) and features Lauren Hersh form Sanctuary for Families and Monica Sobrin from Students United for Safer Schools New York.

North Country Matters Video: What is Title IX? with Carl Normandin (Jan. 29, 2014)

  • WPBS Public Eye with Jeff Cole: Title 9, Sexual Harassment in College - Sexual abuse on college campuses is not just a national problem but it affects colleges here in the North Country. In this special 1-hour episode of Public Eye, we examine this very controversial and sensitive topic through a panel discussion exploring the realities surrounding sexual assault on our local college campuses. This special edition of Public Eye was underwritten by AAUW-NYS and the Branches of District 7. (April 13, 2015)
  • North Country Matters: Sexual Assault Awareness - St. Lawrence Valley Renewal House guests Valarie Dana, Child Advocate/Educator, and Caitlin Hill, Legal Advocate, talk about sexual assault awareness. (March 31, 2015)
  • North Country Matters Video: Caitlin Hill & Valarie Dana from Renewal House on Sexual Assault Awareness with a focus on College Campuses (April 5, 2014)

    AAUW’s Title IX Champions!

    10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

    IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION: To Prevent Violence Against Women On College Campuses - download the AAUW-NYS Action Guide!

    Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault.

    School Discipline Guidance and Title IX Webinar (April 4, 2014) - Click the link to play it.

    Title IX Know the Score Program in a Box Now Updated - Taking action to help schools in your community reach Title IX compliance has never been easier. More than 40 years after Title IX became law, the majority of federally funded schools still don’t comply. Use Know the Score to check out your local schools today. Remember, grassroots advocacy is one of the best ways to address noncompliance.

    Updated October 17, 2017

    Schools Must Include Students with Disabilities in School Sports - The Department of Education announced new guidance that says students with disabilities must be given the opportunity to participate in traditional school sports. The department says schools must make "reasonable accommodations" for students with disabilities who want to join traditional teams, or create a parallel athletic program for students with disabilities if the necessary adjustments would fundamentally alter a sport or give an advantage to the students with disabilities. Advocates have praised the decision and compared it to Title IX, which is largely credited with expanding athletic opportunities for women.

    Five Tips for Title IX Coordinators - Do you work with Title IX issues, or are you interested in learning more about Title IX? Title IX, which was adopted in 1972, is the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. This includes not only athletics, but also harassment and bullying, access to career and technical education programs, and treatment of pregnant and parenting students. Higher Ed Jobs has released a list of best practices for Title IX coordinators, who are charged with ensuring that the law is followed at their schools.

    AAUW strongly supports Title IX and opposes any efforts that would weaken its effectiveness or undermine its enforcement. AAUW has many resources to learn more about Title IX, including our Know the Score athletics evaluation and a major report on Title IX released by a AAUW-chaired coalition.

    New Online Guide for Assessing Gender Equity in School Sports - The Women's Sports Foundation has posted to their website Step-by-Step: A Practical Guide To Assess and Achieve Gender Equity in School Sports. Title IX's impact on women's athletic participation is one of the country's greatest success stories. It has changed the playing field dramatically for girls and women in sports. However, full equality of opportunity has not been achieved. The Women's Sports Foundation created this guide to help parents, students and coaches understand how to become advocates for change.

    AAUW firmly believes that expansion of athletic opportunities for girls and women must continue at both the high school and college levels. AAUW "advocates vigorous enforcement of Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to education." Learn more about AAUW's position on Title IX and equity in school athletics. Leave your comments about Title IX on AAUW Dialog, and watch for future Action Network alerts on legislation advocating for increased enforcement of Title IX's protections.

    GoGirlGo Curriculum Available - Created by the Women’s Sports Foundation in 2001 to prevent young girls from falling into a sedentary lifestyle, GoGirlGo! offers at-risk girls a fun, interactive program to keep them on the track to success and deter them from the high-risk behaviors that can accompany inactivity including obesity, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, tobacco use, drug use, teenage pregnancy and depression. The GoGirlGo! curriculum is available at no cost through the Women’s Sports Foundation. For more information on GoGirlGo! and to order kits for a classroom or community organization supporting girls, log onto www.GoGirlGo.com or call 800-227-3988.

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