Aging, Social Security & Retirement Issues

“We can never insure one hundred percent of the population against one hundred percent of the hazards and vicissitudes of life, but we have tried to frame a law which will give some measure of protection to the average citizen and to his family...”

— President Franklin D. Roosevelt upon signing the SS Act in 1935.

The Social Security program ... represents our commitment as a society to the belief that workers should not live in dread that a disability, death, or old age could leave them or their families destitute.

- President Jimmy Carter, December 20, 1977

[This law] assures the elderly that America will always keep the promises made in troubled times a half century ago ... [The Social Security Amendments of 1983 are] a monument to the spirit of compassion and commitment that unites us as a people.

- President Ronald Reagan, April 20, 1983.

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North Country Matters: Aging in Place - Andrea Montgomery, Director of the St. Lawrence County Office for the Aging, discusses some of the considerations needed when planning to age in place for the county’s seniors. With 22,000 seniors, aging in place is often the best solution and the only one, given the shortage of assisted living slots and nursing home beds in St. Lawrence County. But in order for that to work, seniors have to think about the physical space and layout of their existing homes, the availability of transportation and medical care, and if they will need home assistance. The Office of the Aging can help seniors not only to plan for these needs, but make recommendations on how to fill them. With the national senior population expected to double in just 13 years, preparations can not be put off! (Filmed Nov. 3, 2017)

Updated: February 17, 2018


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