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Branch Membership Vice President:

Auguat 26 was #WomensEqualityDay, but the fight's not over for women and girls. Join us!

Important AAUW Dues Information!

Membership in St. Lawrence County AAUW is open to anyone who supports the mission of AAUW. AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. AAUW's commitment to educational equity is reflected in its public policy advocacy, community programs, leadership development, conventions and conferences, national partnerships, and international connections.

Want to renew your dues on-line at AAUW? Here's how!

Renew your Regular Branch dues at $72 for 2017-18, or
$68 for members on retirement, fixed or reduced incomes.

Remember that AAUW national dues are $49, of which $46 will be tax deductible by the individual member; $3 of that national dues payment not be tax deductible because it will be used to support the AAUW Action Fund's Section 501(c)(4) activities (Lobby Corps and election-related activities). Important note: Since all the colleges in St. Lawrence County are C/U members of AAUW, every student is eligible for a free student e-membership!

Give a Grad a Gift of AAUW

The Perfect Gift for College Grads

AAUW members can give a recent grad a friend, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece, or nephew a free AAUW membership within two years of graduation. At no cost to you or them!

Expose the grad to the power that comes from belonging to a national women-led organization of more than 100,000 members who believe in and advance equity and education for women and girls.

Expand their networking opportunities through career development opportunities and community action projects. They will experience the rewards of working with and learning from successful AAUW mentors.

Keep them current on the events and people that affect their life as they receive Mission & Action, AAUW Outlook, Action Network alerts, and more.

Increase their buying power with access to discounts at The Princeton Review, Barnes&, health and life insurance, auto insurance, AAUW research reports, credit cards and other members-only benefits such as and TravelSmart.

Best of all, she/he will receive a free one-year AAUW membership at no cost to you or them! So send no money!

Remember, only members can take advantage of this offer.

Complete the online membership application now!

Your grad will receive a one-year member-at-large membership a $49 value. They can join a branch at any time but will be responsible for paying branch and state dues.

Fill out this form on-line and print it:

Your name:

Your e-mail address:

Your telephone number:

Your mailing address:

Your City: Your State:

Your Zip:

Your membership number (if you are an MAL or transferring from another branch):
Don't know your membership number? It is available on the site.

Now, make out a check the AAUW for either:

Send this form and your check to:

AAUW-St. Lawrence County Branch
PO Box 909, Potsdam, NY 13676-0909

Thank you and welcome to the branch!!!!

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AAUW's Diversity Mission Statement:

In principal and practice AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation on the basis of gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin disability or class.

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