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Updated: December 4, 2017

The AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund provides funds to advance education, research, and self-development for women and to foster equity and positive societal change.


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The AAUW Educational Fund is among the largest sources of non-institutional funding of education for women, and commissions significant research on educational equity:

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AAUW-St. Lawrence County's 2010 Books on Women's History for Young Readers

This booklist was compiled by the St. Lawrence County Branch of the Amercan Association of University Women with the help of Sarah Sachs, children’s librarian at the Potsdam, NY Public Library. Most of the books on this list address some aspect of women’s history for young readers.

The 2010 book list represents our second annual list; the first list was compiled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AAUW’s Educational Foundation, the wing of AAUW that conducts research in educational issues affecting women and girls and provides scholarships to women graduate students. Please consider making a tax-deductable donation to AAUW’s Educational Foundation to support our important mission.

In 2009, AAUW donated several books for young readers on women’s history to the Potsdam Public Library. We hope to maintain a tradition of donating money and books towards building this specific aspect of the library’s collection, and we hold special events in March - Women’s History Month - to raise awareness of this public service aspect of our work.

Download the AAUW-St. Lawrence County's 2010 Books on Women's History for Young Readers here for your gift giving and reading needs this year!

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50 Books for 50 Years:
Sharing Women's History With a New Generation of Readers

When the Educational Foundation Vice President for St. Lawrence County Branch of AAUW, Lyn Burkett, Potsdam, started to plan for the 50th anniversary of the AAUW Educational Foundation EF), she wanted to design a project that would be a testament to the legacy of the Ed Foundation and raise funds to continue the scholarship EF supports.

So, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the AAUW Foundation, the St. Lawrence County Branch of AAUW is sponsoring 50 Books for 50 Years: Sharing Women's History With a New Generation of Readers. Lyn Burkett worked closely with Sarah Sachs, the Children's Librarian at the Potsdam Public Library, to update the women's history collection in the children's library.

Download the 50 Books list here!

In doing so, they created a 50 Books list for use by the 64 other libraries in the North Country Library System, many of which do not have a trained Children's Librarian on staff. In addition, anyone looking to buy a great book for a daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, or donate to your own local library can access the list for their recommendations.

Most of the 50 Books are for 9-12 year old readers, but some are for young adults and some are for younger readers (as young as four years old). The topics include the suffragettes, science and invention, arts and entertainment, colonial America and the revolutionary war, American Civil War and Slavery, 1900-1945, religious traditions, sports, (un)common individuals, and film and television.

This program will raise funds to purchase fifty books for the Potsdam Public Library on different aspects of women's history for young readers. There are several ways to donate to this program.

Anyone may "adopt" one of the books on the 50 Books for 50 Years book list through the Potsdam library's Adopt-A-Book program. Your cost will be the library rate, which is normally a 42% discount on hard covers, and a 25% discount on paperbacks. Either stop in or call the library at 265-7230. You will receive an estimated cost on your request. You can decide whether you want a name plate attached. You will be called when your request arrives. Payment is made when the book arrives.

Also, cash donations for the 50 Books for 50 Years program may be made to Friends of the Library, who will purchase a book on the list for the collection.

In addition to donations for the 50 Books for 50 Years program, you are also encouraged to donate to the AAUW Educational Foundation. The AAUW Educational Foundation - the world's largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women - supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented.

For St. Lawrence County Branch AAUW members, the suggested donation is $50, made out in two separate checks: one $25 check to the Educational Foundation and one $25 check to Friends of the Potsdam Library with a note specifying the 50 Books for 50 Years program. Of course, all donations, no matter how small or how large, are gladly accepted!

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From Lab to Life

AAUW Community Action Grant

St. Lawrence County, NYS

From Lab to Life was a Community Action project to encourage St. Lawrence County (NYS) girls to study science during 1998/99 school year. It made 5th to 7th grade girls aware of some interesting and exciting job opportunities for women with science degrees. The hands-on activities gave the girls confidence in their own abilities and talents to succeed in science classes. It also provided local role models and interaction with other women and girls interested in science.

The project coordinator, Pat Burdick, in her work as the Education consultant at the St. Lawrence Aquarium and Ecological Center and at the Indian Creek Nature Center, often hears the misperceptions that “scientist” means a man in a lab coat. Building on AAUW’s focus to encourage girls to do well in science, mathematics, and computer technology, this project connected young girls with women scientist role models at a critical point in their educational development.

Sixty girls from three rural St. Lawrence County school districts met once a week for 15 weeks to work with women scientists who use their science degree in different fields. At the first meeting in each of four blocks, a guest woman scientist spoke and answered questions about her career and why she chose to study science. At the next two sessions the girls did hands-on activities similar to those the scientist mentor does in her work. The last two sessions in the project featured a final speaker and the project evaluation and graduation.

The four women mentors included a field biologist, a research biologist, a professional artist who emphasizes the plants and animals of the North Country in her work, and an Adirondack folksinger who incorporates many animal and ecology themes in her music. The girls had an opportunity to conduct field studies at the Indian Creek Nature Center, work in a biology and a computer lab, illustrate their own nature journals, and write a song in a computer lab.

Several members of the St. Lawrence County Branch, AAUW assisted with this program as mentoring women scientists. In addition, the branch provided information, encouragement, and practical help during the grant-writing process with two branch-sponsored workshops. The first, “How to Write a Grant Proposal” in 1996, and the second, “Hands On Some AAUW Grants” in 1997, provided information about AAUW’s Community Action Grants, as well as the technical expertise to turn the From Lab to Life proposal into an award-winning CAG.

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